All Hands Allston’s summer sessions are especially designed for children who love crafting projects and making art. We can be very flexible in our scheduling because our cohort size is small (no more than six children) and we do not share our space. Mornings will usually start with an extended project lasting an hour and a half to two hours. Often this first part of the day will be spent doing woodworking. The day will include a relaxed hour and a half of outside time for recess and lunch in a shady nearby park with a sprinkler. The afternoon will be divided into two or more project sessions; depending on the week’s theme which might include: printmaking, sculpting with found and recycled objects, painting, book making, weaving, felting, sewing, dying, mixing slime and many other possibilities. All Hands Allston will continue to follow all appropriate Covid-19 safety procedures & guidelines.

Summer Courses for 6-10 Years Olds

Dragons & Fairies

This session will start with creating fairies, elves and dragons out of wood and other materials. As the week progresses everyone will build a wooden structure for his or her creations to live in. Elements from nature as well as art supplies and recycled items will all be used to create magical miniature worlds. Students will also create parts of an elf, fairy or dragon outfit for themselves making items such as magic wands, pointy elf hats or dragon wings.

Messy Mornings and Artful Afternoons

This session is a mix of art, science and fun! Students will be able to design and build machines like catapults and marble runs in woodworking. Messy activities like making puffy paint, jiggly soap and slime will happen every day. The last part of each day will include experimenting with a wide variety of art materials and techniques, always asking the question “What happens if?”.

Summer Courses 8-14 Year Olds

Dollhouse Making

Students will build a wooden dollhouse of their own design, as well as create furniture and other accessories to fill it. We’ll discuss elements of interior design and create color schemes for each doll house room. Projects will include printing wallpaper, weaving rugs, building miniature furniture, and making a family of dolls and their pets to live in the dollhouse. The dollhouse could be designed as the lair of a superhero, the home of a hedgehog family or the home for anyone you can imagine!

 Fiber Fun

In this session students will explore a wide array of ways to work with fiber and fabrics. Every student will build a wooden loom and learn to weave. Other projects will include making pompoms and tassels, learning to knit on a hoop loom, dying fabric, sewing stuffed creatures, braiding cord and felting wool.